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Improving Experimental Reproducibility Using Lab-Based IoT Solutions

Sridhar Iyengar (CEO, Elemental Machines)

Location: 210A

Date: Tuesday, February 5

Time: 4:00pm - 4:45pm

Track: MD&M West: New Technology & Next-Gen Design

Vault Recording: TBD

Scientists need the ability to find and visualize hidden patterns in their data. How can using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, coupled with data science, accelerate the pace of new product development? The advent of IoT in the life sciences industry allows for cost-effective, continuous, real-time data collection for immediate review and process improvement. With the continued maturation of IoT platforms, sophisticated data science algorithms will be able to identify patterns and correlations to further facilitate troubleshooting and process inefficiencies.

Topics covered include:
  • Two case studies that demonstrate how R&D teams have utilized IoT data collection platforms
  • Troubleshooting the root causes behind outlier R&D data points to improve overall laboratory workflows
  • How teams were able to quickly remedy issues using IoT capabilities, thus resulting in substantial time and cost savings