February 6-8, 2018Anaheim Convention CenterAnaheim, CA

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Vidyu Challa, Technical Director, DFR Solutions

Vidyu Challa is Technical Director at DfR Solutions where she helps customers with a range of reliability, product and material selection issues. She spent several years in the battery industry, as part of a team working on biocompatible flexible batteries and developing custom battery solutions for IOT and smart medical devices. Dr. Challa helps customers with their battery challenges including design reviews, manufacturing audits and supplier qualification. She obtained a PhD from CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Center at the University of Maryland, where her work was focused on the reliability of electronic components and connectors. She has broad based expertise that includes engineering technology start-up experience, product development, R & D, and various roles in marketing and business development. Dr. Challa has published her work in journals, presents at conferences and frequently writes blog articles. She is passionate about batteries, and you will see her posting articles and battery news on Linkedin.