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Jordan Shlain, MDFounder and ChairmanHealthLoop

Jordan Shlain is a practicing primary care physician and the founder and CEO of Private Medical, a 20 physician primary care practice with offices in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. He is also the founder and chairman of Healthloop. Healthloop is a digital therapeutic that focuses on health systems and physician groups that care about value-based care and patient outcomes. In addition to helping physicians manage over 150,000 patients, with over 70,000 monthly digital check-in's, Healthloop has a 74% PROM completion rate and has an install base of over 46 hospitals and xx of medical goups. Healthloop recently completed a multi-state, multi-clinic study with Anthem that showed a 54.4% relative reduction in post-surgical complications leading to better outcomes for patients and a savings of $656 per case. The study was published in the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons and presented as keynote at their annual conference. Dr. Shlain is known for his 'original thinking' and has spent the better part of his career interrogating the premise of consumerism in healthcare. He is the publisher of, a publication dedicated to asking 'what is true? What is believable? And where are the big ideas in healthcare. In his effort to alter chronic disease and the scourge of processed food, he co-founded a non-profit, EatReal is a trust mark, analogous to LEED certification, that food service establishments qualify for when they can prove they are not poisoning their employees, patients, students or customers. One of the fastest growing segments are hospitals, who of all people, should be serving foods that are healing, not disease creating. He is on a mission to get all hospitals and healthcare systems cafeteria's certified to acknowledge that they are not contributing to food-related metabolic diseases and are focused on the health of their patients by emphasizing healthy food in the hospital.