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Rick WhiteCEO and Co-FounderSure Genomics

Rick received a BA in Cultural Anthropology in 1989 from USC and an MSCE in Software Design in 1998. As an undergraduate he worked on advanced AI socio-memicry models with Dr. Stephen Lansing. In the early 1990's his visionary work on VR, data driven web applications, and knowledge mining techniques became the foundation of many of today's most successful SAS models. After founding and running several successful internet software companies, Rick began funding startups as a venture capitalist and worked on a diverse portfolio of technologies. In 2012, after seeing an opportunity to help develop better data-driven models for proactive health and wellness, he founded Sure Genomics, Inc. Sure Genomics is a DTC Whole Genomic Sequencing company on the forefront of Whole Genomic Sequencing data delivered directly to consumers. SGI's core mission is proactive health and wellness through personal ownership and understand DNA of data. Currently Rick is focused extending SGI's capability through dynamic reinterpretation of the DNA data by using AI, Deep Learning, 3D modeling and Blockchain integration. He is actively working with teams from Stanford, USC, University of Utah, University of Shanghai, and UCSD on the advancement of this new arm of computational science.