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A New Wagon: You Don't Have to Reinvent the Wheel, Just Attach it to a New Wagon

Jaime Lewis  (Vice President of Operations, NEO Alternatives/Root 66)

Location: Third Level Ballroom, Summit Presentation Room

Date: Tuesday, February 11

Time: 9:10 am - 9:50 am

Track: Cannabis Packaging Summit

Vault Recording: TBD

Jaime Lewis is a 15 year veteran of the regulated Medical/Adult Use Cannabis markets in multiple states across the U.S. Drawing from her diverse experiences as a business owner, corporate executive, and national activist, Ms. Lewis has crafted a talk designed to appeal to new entrants in the market, existing participants and packaging companies working within the Regulated Medical/Adult Use Markets. In her presentation she will engage and explore the need for sensible, ethical and standardized regulations to address issues of public safety, traceability and product authenticity as it pertains to cannabis product packaging and the ever-important role of labeling.

Ms. Lewis will speak about her National Lobbying efforts as the chair of NCIA’s infused Products Council which was instrumental in facilitating a collaboration with the Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation on a new Packaging and Labeling Standards Committee of which she served as co-chair. Jaime will explore the role of cannabis and packaging companies and their educational responsibilities to the public, legislators and regulators and the conversations and initiatives that need to continue. She will educate on the history of cannabis advocacy initiatives on labeling and packaging. Jaime will examine the intent and ethics behind the regulations surrounding cannabis and packaging and pose a number of thought-provoking questions, unique perspectives and offer alternative approaches and solutions to chain of custody, sustainability and sensibility under the veil of ever changing packaging and labeling standards and regulations in the emerging marketplace.

Jaime’s experience will survey existing federal (FDA and DEA) regulatory structures for controlled substances and speak of the Industry’s organic progression towards these already established protocols, policies and procedures and will speak of the need to find a standardized approach that balances consumer safety, the needs of the Industry and environmental impact. Jaime will detail the role of the label in consumer protection and public safety as it pertains to product authentication, tracking and chain of custody. Ms. Lewis will detail what information should be standardized to properly educate the consumer on the product, its contents, details of its delivery system and all pertinent warnings associated.